Motivational Speaker Ramkumar Singaram

Chennai’s Best Tamil motivational and entrepreneurial development speaker,Journalist, Radio Jockey ,TV Commentator and anchor,Author of 7 widely acclaimed Tamil books on business and entrepreneurial development ,Founder and CEO of Catalyst Public Relations Pvt Ltd, Chennai

As the titles above suggest Mr. Ramkumar Singaram, is a multi-faceted personality, who has gained nearly two decades of experience in PR business (building image of clients through publicity) and proved his mettle in different mediums as Journalist, Orator, Writer, Radio Jockey and TV Anchor.

Ramkumar Singaram’s achievements in his various fields of expertise have been recognized through numerous awards and honors like ‘Nightingale Nation Builder Award’ from Lion’s Club, Chennai (2016)‘Promising PR Agency of the year 2017 Award’ from Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) (2017). ‘Payanezhutthu Padaippaali’ from Tamil Nadu Magazine Publishers Association (2011) ‘Best Young Achiever Award’ from Thiruvanmiyur Nagara Mandram, Chennai (2011).

Why would someone who is successful in his career venture into motivational speaking??

Having developed the art of storytelling throughout the years, motivational speaking became the perfect place for Ramkumar to explore and to present his experiences in a way to motivate the people who lacked inspiration.
A refined, inspiring motivational talk demands that the speaker connects with the audience, whether they are a bunch of school students or a group of middle aged working men. The size and scope of his audiences has grown in years and now he is one of the most sought after Tamil Motivational speakers in Chennai. He always brings a magical mix of real world street smarts, kindness and clarity to his stories that inspire many.

Ramkumar’s stimulating keynotes has time and again proven that they are not merely inspiring but also shares actionable strategies to drive meaningful outcomes. The clientele of Ramkumar is very diverse. It has collegiate institutions like SRR Engineering College-OMR,St. Michael Engineering College, Paramakudi to clubs such as Rotary Club,-UK ,Valarthozhil Mandram etc.

He has also given his keynotes for Corporations and communities like Dream to Destination- Malaysia , Yadava Chamber of Commerce and to organizations such as Indian Medical Association,-Madurai , MaFoi Foundation etc.

All these companies, organizations and institutes mentioned above and many more has benefitted from the grace, warmth and uniqueness of his words which has inspired their teammates, students and community members to perfoem better. Clients who have worked with Ramkumar singaram for a leadership, motivational keynote speech often come back for more such sessions which are always a memorable, educational and stimulating experience.

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